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The LCV Education Fund is dedicated to unleashing the power within all of us to make a difference for the environment. Below please find some of the publications we have distributed over the past few years. These documents are meant as research tools and may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes provided the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund is acknowledged as the source of the material and is notified of its use. Please e-mail us, if you would like to request a hard copy of one or more of our publications or intend to reproduce or use it. In this email, please state your name, organization, mailing address, email address and reason you are requesting the document.

  • Grassroots Program Report (1.3M PDF)
    The mission of the LCV Education Fund is to help build the grassroots power of the environmental movement to involve citizens in policy decisions at all levels of American governance. We develop innovative campaigns and communication technologies, build pro-conservation coalitions, and train environmental leaders on how to be strategic and successful participants in the democratic process.

  • Mobilize Your Members (539K PDF)
    List Enhancement Projects are a central focus of the LCV Education Fund's current work to build capability within environmental organizations and strengthen coalitions at the state level. This manual is designed to help you learn about these projects and to start your own. We invite you to join in these efforts and contact us for further assistance.